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Erika Bradford, the Founder and Operator of I.A.Y.A., has had a sincere passion of the arts since a little girl. Always looking to make the world better, she dreams of teaching and instilling the love for arts into children and adults as well. Erika is well experienced for this line of work. She studied Fashion and Graphic Design at Moore College of Art & Design located in downtown Philadelphia, and owns her own graphic design company, Kingdom Innovative Prints. She has instructed art classes for camps throughout the city.


I.A.Y.A. (eye-ya) is the acronym for Inspiring Ambitious Young Artists. It's I.A.Y.A. mission to deliver a high quality art program filled with a spirit of playfulness and experimentation in a caring environment that encourages personal and creative growth through self-expression. I.A.Y.A. not only desires to teach art, but to help reduce idle youth, and create an atmosphere for artists to cultivate and develop together.


I.A.Y.A. is not your average art workshop teaching just basic crafts, our curriculum is made up of intense projects to challenge the inner artist. Seating is limited as we prefer a smaller class size to give each child undivided attention. You should only register your child if you are sure they have a true desire for the arts.


I.A.Y.A. has many other classes in store to reach the community. Our grand opening for the Summer Art Camp will be this June and run until August. This camp is geared toward ages 9 to 16. Camp is a 4-day, 8-week duration ran on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am - 1:30pm.






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